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Queen Bee to Worker Bee -
From Managing Time to Managing Results

A new paradigm of managing projects and results.

eBook Pre-Order due in October 2010

What is this ebook about ?
  • A new way of looking at managing your time: in fact .. it is no longer about managing time... but managing to get results
  • Moving from being a task oriented person with outmoded time management practices to a results oriented person
  • How to create higher levels of focus on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Seriously Reducing Unnecessary Overwhelm and Stress

What will you get out of reading this book ?

  • Concrete and Workable Practices on how to increase your Results and Reduce Stress and Overwhelm
  • A step by step way to join the rare group of highly productive people
  • Reduce distractions
  • Learn how to recover from crisis quickly

Who will enjoy this book ?
  • You are busy and looking for higher levels of performance
  • You are looking at creating Peace of Mind and Clarity
  • You are looking for more Balance in your life and work
  • You are disenchanted with the unworkable time management practices commonly talked about

How do I pre-order?
  • $10.95 + tax = $11.85 total
  • Click on the "Buy Now" button below and follow the instructions
  • We will send you the link to the email that you provide when the ebook comes out
  • We will update you with the progress of the ebook from time to time