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We Recommend These Book Options
Owning Your Power

- in Business, Life and in the World

A book by Sunil Bhaskaran

Approximate Release Date for Book: September 2010

First Pass Introduction

Owning your power results in freedom, being unstoppable and a sense of humor. 

Owning your power is inherently empty and meaningless because it is a choice that you make, not a decree.  A decree dominates and instructs whereas owning your power expresses a choice – pure and simple.  There is no mischief in this – you own it – nobody can own you.  Nobody can mess with you.  They can’t.

When you own your power, you are joyful.  The key to happiness and joy is then, owning your power.

Power is the capacity to be unstoppable.

Mahatma Gandhi was, and still is unstoppable.  Even with his passing in 1948, thousands if not millions of people continue to live by his example e.g. the civil rights movement in the United States, the Polish Solidarity movement of the 1980s, and many, many more examples.

I feel his spirit in me as I write this. We are one and the same for we are both human beings.  Owning my power enables me to be like the Mahatma’s way of being.  We are connected by a way of being – not by personality, but by a way of being.

Writing now, I feel a tremendous sense of possibility – Anything is possible.

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