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Biography - Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran

Author, Speaker, Business Owner, Business Mentor

Sunil began coaching and training people in 1989. With more than 20 years of coaching and training experience, leading to and training thousands of people in mass audiences to smaller group sessions to one-on-one sessions, he has made a profound difference in the world.  Having owned and run several businesses himself, Sunil speaks, trains and clarifies from experience; he is first and foremost a business person; a business owner before a business trainer and speaker. He started his first business in the early 1990's: a consulting company and bought his first real estate holding in 1991.

He has a variety of business and life coaching programs: one-on-one trainings thru group coaching trainings.  He has two degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked as an engineer and an engineering manager for nine years, developing the fine craft of analysis and sensible design.

He had his own successful personal development radio show on KSCO, Santa Cruz: "Lets Talk Relationships" and was a radio personality contributing his wit and humor to an ongoing weekly show.  His first book, The Forgiving Universe ( has been published and is available on Amazon.

Business Owner
Sunil has owned and operated businesses and investments from the mid 1990's to the present: including but not exclusively: apartment building complexes, real estate investments as well as coaching and training businesses.

Business Coach
Sunil's coaching in the world of business is focused solely on improving business performance results.  His intention is to have his clients experience making more money or results in less time; giving them the opportunity and freedom to pursue their life dreams and goals.  His focus is on Small Business gives him a unique understanding of the small business owner and professional: unlike many other coaches, he speaks from direct and relevant experience and insight.

Life Coach
Inevitably, business coaching incorporates some coaching on the client's personal life.  Sunil brings 20 years of experience, tools and distinctions to help people resolve immediate, pressing crises and to pursue their life goals.

Seminar Leader & Designer
Sunil both designs and leads seminars.  His unique sense of humor, engineering background and 20 years of coaching and training experience has given him a unique ability to put together seminars that have received very close to 100 percent satisfaction reviews.  These seminars are dealing with topics in Business and Life.

Network Event Organizer
Sunil puts on monthly and weekly networking events that bring business people together in the Bay area of Northern California.
His networking organizations currently have a total of 1,000 members and is growing fast and meets regularly.
See the links for his meetups below.

Corporate Trainer / Designer of Corporate Training Programs
Sunil has designed leadership, diversity, accountability and "ownership" trainings for the corporate world at companies like Cisco, Comerica Bank, Compass Cares to name a few.

Sunil writes on non-fictional personal and business topics.  His first book, The Forgiving Universe ( is published and available on Amazon.

Sunil has a passion and skill for speaking to large and small groups of people. He speaks on Business and Personal topics.  His style is interactive, humorous, insightful, straight and demonstrating an understanding of business and life that can only come from experience: both through trials and rewards.  He leads regularly monthly in the Bay Area of Northern California.  Click here to learn more.

History: Summary
Born In Singapore: 1963
UC Irvine: Engineering (Electrical) and Computer Science: 1984-1989
1989 -1995: Various Engineering Positions
In 1989, Sunil started getting trained and coached more intensively in business, sales and in his personal life.
His training included Landmark Education, Hoffman Process, Scream Therapy, Trancedental Meditation, Tony Robbins seminars and a host
of other programs.
He started training and coaching people part time while working in the engineering world.

Started intensively exploring and implementing business and investment opportunities part time.
1996-1997:  "Retired" : Business and Investment opportunities paid off and received a gift from a relative as well:
Travelled the world and took some time off and did intensive coaching for clients on a part time basis.
1997-1998:   Returned to the engineering world.  Still training and coaching people part time.
1999:  Second financial breakthrough: Took Time off: Training and coaching businesses + preparing for a Dance Competition/Show while taking time off.
Late 1999/2000: started working in the Sales Arena intensively
2000: Started my first official coaching business. 22 business clients in the first week.
2000 - 2010: Various business and investment opportunities part time.
2009: Started second official coaching business: The World's Greatest Team

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