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"When we at COMPASS, LLC, used Sunil's coaching we experienced a 150% increase in size over two years. His instruction and training has left an indelible mark on how we relate to our clients and our staff. We now place a greater value on acknowledging and declaring truth and our people all make promises and hold each other accountable in healthy, productive ways. Sunil has been and remains a good friend to me and my wife personally and to our firm."
-- Eric Hess Compass Home Care


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"Sunil brings a contagious passion to his coaching work. I was so inspired by the way he can "walk the talk". He is a great role model; he lives and coaches with amazing compassion and integrity. I felt the combined support of the two fine coaches every day, from the unexpected email reminders to extra phone calls focused on my individual progress. If you want to take a giant step ahead with your project or business, I heartily recommend joining with the World's Greatest Team. They help you deliver!"

Marilyn Fahrner
Life Coach

Sunil's coaching is of the highest quality - I tripled my income in the first 2 months and have continued to increase my client base! Sunil's time management training is simple, yet so effective it has changed my life forever. For me, now, there is no other way!

Sunil is highly skilled in the areas that count - he listens, understands where his clients are coming from and helps them identify their goals as well as achieve them. He takes great care of his clients and I am truly blessed to have him as my coach.

Calence Emerson
Owner, Orbit Designs

"This is an ensemble of powerful tools and content for personal development with a variety of surprising insights and results. The seminar begins with processes to uncover deep personal motivations and characteristics that naturally drive each individual uniquely. Understanding these insights gives one the ability to develop short-term, medium term and long-term goals that are personal and individually tailored. The seminar then naturally moves towards developing and perfecting methodologies to make these goals happen with certainty in one's life.

Sunil Bhaskaran's personable, low key and empathetic style of seminar delivery allows one to understand and accept deep insights into oneself that could otherwise remain hidden and forever untapped. His processes helped me literally break through constraints that I never knew existed and motivated me to new action.
-Neil Kripalani, J.D. MBA, Attorney

When I first called Sunil, I felt that my business is in a "stuck" stage especially because of the downturn in the economy. When I signed up in his program, coaching with him had brought a great amount of growth not just to my business, but also generally in personal life. All the information he provided me, business-wise especially, contributed to the improvements on how I generate more projects, how to handle tough situations, planning ahead of time, tracking the progress, and most importantly, he helped me improve my marketing skills which brought on more and better opportunities into my business. He taught me the value of being accountable for everything I do and being in control of its outcome. I am confident to say that with all his coaching, my knowledge in operating and managing my business is now at a higher level than where I was just a few months ago - which means a higher personal satisfaction and greater confidence for all my accomplishments and more positive approach to tackling down challenges. If I were to make any suggestions to anyone who would like to grow their careers and/or business - Sunil is the person to talk to. Good luck to you all!

-Teresa Cambare
Principal / BIM Specialist
Cambare Designs, Inc.

"I’ve had an amazing year – tripled my income, bought a home and got a promotion. I attribute the coaching from Sunil Bhaskaran as a direct contribution to my advancements. I also reduced my stress and increased my clarity and confidence by leaps and bounds."

Ondria Follett
Senior Manager for a Solar Technology Company.

"I've been working with Sunil and Jeff for 9 months, and have doubled my income. They helped me get clear about what I want in my life. "

- Linda Tapscott, Business Owner

"Sunil is Amazing. I went to the meeting a week ago, and I'm in my ways to get the goals that I set. I also wanted to mention that Sunil is a great professional and he is the person to hire when you are ready to have a business coach."

- Rebeca Krause

"Sunil is wonderful. Through coaching and constant support, he has helped me get closer and closer to reaching my financial goals. It's amazing how much transformational growth I have experienced in such a short time period. Bravo!"

Sirvanh Harris
Monavie Independent Distributor

"Just a note to say thank you for the very informative workshop in Mountain View, CA. I appreciated the energy you and everyone else brought to the session. The interaction was superb. I also particularly enjoyed the one- on-one session that evening. Personally, that was a huge extra value-added experience for me.

Yours and the other session attendees' feedback and insights -- viewed within the information presented -- was exactly what I needed.

Once again, thanks for the "breakthrough."

- Chaszey Sandhriel

Recommendation  Rating  5 stars

 I was fortunate to do an individual session with Sunil Bhaskaran and I highly recommend him as a business coach. I immediately felt comfortable around him and besides learning a lot I was inspired and motivated. Sunil listened well, asked good questions and helped me make swift business decisions. I was especially impressed with his solid principes for getting life enhancing results in the business arena. I give him 5 stars!!
Patrice Walters
Licensed Psychologist

Sunil went way above and beyond what I would expect from a normal coach; he is a friend, both gentle and direct, and is always available for moments of need. He took a lot of time to work through things with me 1 on 1 to make sure I was succeeding, even if they were personal in nature. The biggest thing that struck me while working with Sunil is his compassion - no matter what the case he always walked with me slowly and compassionately, allowing me to grow from the space I was in; he always held a space for more.
In three short months I went from being completely scattered and unfocused to having a substantial amount of focus and freedom. Everything in my life has started to become organized and just flow - happiness doesn't have a price. My fiance was very aware of my changing levels in energy and happiness through this period; she showed me the difference in the last few weeks. It's amazing but I didn't even notice how much I grew until I really thought about it; baby steps the whole way makes it all habit.
In short: Sunil game me a three month friendship with a space to grow and a guiding hand. I'm free, happy and focussed; these are truths, and processes, that will stick with me forever - not a week. I'm eternally grateful for this time in my life.
Cody Spring