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Workshops / Seminars for 2011 - 2012

Seminar:  Building the Flood Stage for Your Business
To create a flood stage in your business, you will need to have a sound marketing strategy and plan.  From this workshop, create clear action steps to strengthen and generate this solid foundation.

Seminar:  Worker Bee to Queen Bee - Transform the Management of Your Time
To Have Your Business work for You vs. You work for Your Business.
To Transform Managing Your Time to Managing Your Outcomes & Promises.
This leads to the creation of a True Entrepreneur based Life of Freedom.

Seminar:  Financial Management & Business Planning 
Training on Business and Personal Financial Management, Strategy and Planning.
Get a 12 month plan with milestones to keep you clearly on track and focused.

Seminar:  Owning Your Power - Unstoppable Leadership
Transform Yourself into an Unstoppable Leader

Seminar:  Plan for 2012: Deep Dive into Your Goals and Planning 
Plan, Strategize for the year 2012.


Seminar: Building The Flood Stage for Your Business

The Flood stage is the key to the Fulfillment of Your Business Vision.
Most people are stopped in fulfilling this vision by being
  • Overwhelmed by the Mass of Marketing Data, Options, Tools & expenses
  • Scattered in Marketing: trying too many different things
  • Inconsistent: Little or No Results - Always going back to Square One
  • Unfocused: Time wasted that could be spent Expressing Your Passion
  • A Gambler: Doing Risky & Speculative Tactics without Returns on Investment

This is what you will gain in this seminar:
.    Being Focused, Clear & Confident about Marketing and Sales Strategy
.    Increasing Return on Investment and Satisfaction levels in Marketing Strategy
.    Creating the Path to the Flood Stage in your Business
.    Clear Action Steps for Next Three Months

Date: July 16th 2011

Location: Bay Area, CA

Register:  TBD: Currently only open to clients


Seminar:  Worker Bee 2 Queen Bee Seminar

Having the Business, the Systems and the People working for you vs.  
You working for them.

To make the shift from Managing Your Time .. to Managing Outcomes and Results.

This is a fundamental mind-shift for any True Entrepreneur:
Moving from Employee or Self employed … to a Sustaining Business.

Where most people feel stopped:
. Stuck: Freeing up my time sounds like a good idea.. but where do I even start?
. The steps look overwhelming to do
. Feeling insecure/fearful about making the move
. Stopped by Financial Concerns
. Being a Lone Wolf :  Feeling alone .. but insisting on doing things themselves

In this ground breaking, unique seminar, we will train you in the steps required to make this shift to freedom and power ….

Date: Aug 27th 2011
Location: Bay Area, Northern California
Register:  TBD: Currently only open to clients


Seminar:  Financial Management & Business Planning Seminar

You will learn financial management tools that will give you a 
sufficient level of savvy when it comes to running your business and finances. 

You will be empowered to make financial decisions and instruct your accountant, book keeper, CPA and
financial planner on clearer guidelines so that they can truly serve you.

You will learn financial management techniques to help you assess and manage risk clearly.

You will learn and start an initial business plan or fine tune the one that you may already have.
Date:  Sep 24th 2011
Location: Bay Area, Northen California
Register:  TBD: Currently only open to clients


Seminar:   Owning Your Power - Unstoppable Leadership
With Humor, Practical Insight,
Philosophy & Neuroscience / Brain Science Tools,
Start carving out who you could be
To meet and rise above your challenges ....
To Fully Express Your Vision In Reality

  • Are you pretending not to be a leader in your Work, Business, Life, Community or the World?
  • Do you know that you have the capacity to make more stuff happen and yet Circumstances or your Actions, Thoughts and Beliefs Get in the Way?
  • Are you a leader already ... but realize that you can climb further into More Developed and Greater Plateaus of Being, Results and Concrete Reliability?
  • Are you faced with some Challenges and Tired of Resigning and Succumbing to the endless Morass of doubts, worthless advice and aimless thinking or actions?
Warren Buffett was once asked what made him so successful and wealthy.
Without blinking, he said and this is paraphrased "Unlike most other people, I have my engine / gears all going in the same direction." Most people don't have all their gears going in the same direction.  They think one way, they be another way, they act in a whole different direction and they are perplexed by lack of results. Their ship of life has a motor that goes in one direction and sails that take them in another - with the anchor still dragging them back.

What You Will Get From this Value Packed Seminar:
  • Learn Methods to Become "Un-Messable" with: Where nobody can sway you or have you falter in doubt
  • A step by step process to get All Your Gears and Engine going in the same direction
  • At least 10 Distinctions that distinguishes an Extraordinary Leader from an Ordinary Leader
  • Straight, Interactive and Insightful Coaching from Hard Earned Experience in How to Lead, Decide, Inspire and Produce Results
  • Processes and Tools that you can and will start using right in the seminar
  • Learn the secrets of being a leader including access to charisma and presence: Valuable in Leveraging your Career or High Level Sales
  • Learn methods to Inspire your Team or Community
  • Learn how to develop yourself to be Audacious in your own style and making
  • A renewed sense of pleasing urgency and passion for what you do
  • Learn to generate peace of mind and clarity no matter what happens

Dates: November 5th and 6th, 2011
2 day workshop
Register:  TBD: Currently only open to clients


Seminar:  Plan for 2012:
Deep Dive into Goals and Planning Workshop

Create an Iron Clad Plan for the year with solid, concrete milestones that are achievable and leave you passionate and excited about fulfillment.
Identify the potential "bumps in the road" and obstacles in your way and strategize ahead of time on how to avoid or deal with these.
This seminar will leave you clear and with the experience of being the master of your destiny: while life may be unpredictable, you will be equiped better to handle breakdowns and obstacles.
Dates: January 2012: Jan 21st and 22nd 2012
2  day workshop
Register:  TBD: Currently only open to clients